Week 1-Artist- Allan Kaprow

I think that Kaprow was a very intelligent artist. I think it is very humbling that he stepped back from the fame of art and being an artist and really cared more about the art itself. There are not many artist today that would reject fame for the sake of having good art, most people only care about the fame so that is one reason that I think that Kaprow is a brilliant artist.

Not only do I think he is brilliant in the way that he portrayed himself, but I also think that his art was very powerful. After doing some research, I found that he wasn’t interest in the painting aspect of art, he was interested in the way the art was created, the performance aspect of it. I think the following picture depicts what Kaprow wanted because instead of just painting a picture of a car being washed, he made the car and the soap and the people all mesh together and made that the art. I think he was very creative with this painting because it shows that anything can be art if you take the time to look, even if it’s just bubble on a car.


The Happenings was defined by Kaprow as “something spontaneous, something that just happens to happen.” I think this is an odd definition because all of Kaprow’s art was planned. I think he did his best to portray his art as “in the moment” and I also think he succeed at doing so. I enjoy the fact that he incorporates his audience into the art as well. I learned that people passing by ended up being part of his art rather than just bystanders. Not many artist would do this because it would just be random people in their art, but I think that Kaprow was wise in doing this because it gave his art more meaning and made it relatable.

The last thing that I found the most interesting while doing research on Kaprow was that the term “The Happening” was something that Kaprow enjoyed referring to his work as. He like spontaneity and finding art in everything around us. However, after a couple years, the term “The Happening” was starting to be used by very fashionable people who used it in relation to the words cool or cutting edge. Kaprow eventually stopped using this term because it became too mainstream. I believe that this says a lot about Kaprow as a person because he was all about his art and not about the popularity. I think that overall Kaprow was a very wise person and artist.


Hello World

Hello! My name is Natalie Klistoff. I am a Psychology major and Human Resource minor at Cal State Long Beach. In my free time I enjoy going to the beach, hiking, and fishing. I currently work at In N Out Burger and have been for the past three years. I plan on graduating with my Bachelor’s in Psychology and continuing on to get my Master’s in Psychology as well. I hope to become a family and marriage counselor in the near future.