Week 5- Activity- Painting

The activity of the week was very fun this week! Although it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to stay between the lines of my sketched out bubble letters, I had a great time doing it! Some challenges for me while I was spraying painting my name were that it was really hard to stay between the lines that I drew and that the spray paint was a bit messy! Some of the highlights of this activity were that I got to try something new, I got to make some mistakes so that I know better next time, and I also I had fun doing it.

So, here is this paper with just the sketch of my name that I wrote in pencil. I thought this was fun and I thought that I would easily be able to spray paint my name and outline it exactly the way it looks in pencil….IMG_5490

…but I was completely wrong! I wish I was that talented, but it was really hard to stay in-between the lines! I felt like I was in kindergarten all over again. So, this is my final project, which isn’t the best but at least I tried!


As you can see, I am not the best artist, but I had fun and tried something new. Next time I am going to try to use a smaller spray painting can and I think that could help out a lot. But I would definitely use the same colors and maybe add in some black next time too. Overall, this was a fun experience for me and I would definitely try it again so I can get better!


Week 5- Artist- Victorine Meurent

After doing some research, I found out that Victorine started her modeling career at the young age of 16. This stood out to me because in her modeling, she went against gender norms, so she challenged society’s norms at a very young age. I also found out that Victorine was not only a model and artist, but she also was a musician. She played the violin and the guitar. To me, Victorine seems like she was extremely talented at a young age, but she also seemed very mature.


This painting of Victorine stood out to me the most when I did an image search. In this picture, she is gazing right at us, which is rare for her time period because it was more of a manly and aggressive thing to do. Women would usually look away from the camera because it was more passive.

In this picture, you can also see that she is dressed up as a bullfighter, but she adds femininity to it. She adds pink and purple and also is wearing feminine shoes. I think this painting perfectly depicts the statements that Victorine wanted to say about women’s gender roles. Overall, I think that Victorine had a lot of talent, and she used this talent to make a statement.

Week 4- Activity- Game Design

This activity was definitely a struggle for me! Using SketchUp wasn’t very easy, but I tried my best. I wish I was more advanced with using this application, but overall I think my chair could have looked worse! The most challenging part for me when designing my chair, was trying to make the backrest. I could not make this thing even or 3D until I had been working on it for about an hour. After figuring out how to do this, the rest wasn’t too bad!IMG_5469IMG_5470

Here are two pictures of my 3D chair! As you can see, it’s far from perfect, but playing around with SketchUp was still really fun. When I did an image search of chairs, the one that I wanted to make my chair look like was nothing like the one I actually made. The one I wanted was a chair in the shape of a high heel shoe and it was really cute! I wish I had the talent to make a chair like that, but once I got onto SketchUp, I knew that this high heel chair would be way too hard for me, so I decided to make a simpler chair.

Overall, I think it’s best for me to stick with majoring in psychology instead of design! It was a really fun activity and I’m glad I tried it, but I think that maybe designing things isn’t really my thing. Maybe if I had the materials in front of me and it was more hands-on I would’ve done a better job because this computer application was really challenging! All in all, although my chair wasn’t perfect I still got to chance to try something new and outside my comfort zone!

Week 4- Artist- Joseph Cornell


After doing an image search of Joseph Cornell, I found this picture to be the most interesting. My favorite thing about Cornell’s art is that he can say so much with just putting things into a box. He has true talent with say so much without using words. I think in this picture he is saying many things. First, there is a suitcase, a clock, and also hands in handcuffs. To me, this is saying that he is feeling trapped, and wants to leave, but he can’t because he is stuck.

I think a lot of people can relate to the feeling of being stuck in life and wanting to escape. Second, I really like the right side of this box. I think a lot of the time people say “here is the key to my heart,” but in this case, the key is over his eye. This is really intriguing to me because I think he is trying to make a statement with this. I think by placing the key over the eye, he is in a sense saying that he wants to us to unlock what he has seen, and what he has been through, and they we might understand him.

Overall, I think Joseph Cornell was a great artist and he cared a lot about telling a story in each and every box he made. I also think it is a bummer how when he was making these boxes, he allowed others to interact and touch the items and move them around, but now they are locked up in museums. I think that art should be used in the way the artist intended and I think Cornell would much rather have wanted his art to be shared and interacted with rather than put in a museum. Cornell is a great artist all together and I’m really glad I had a chance to research his art!

Week 3- Activity- Social Photography

This week’s activity was really interesting to me! Mostly because it opened my eyes to how similar everyone really is, even if they’ve never met. I think it is really amusing how people use social media in the same ways and how they post similar things. For example, a lot of the pictures I saw people posting on our “class portrait” were of family, our favorite animals, and of course, our food. It’s crazy to think of how many people post pictures of food on social media, myself included. I just wonder what makes us post things such as the food we are eating or what we are doing at that exact second and where. Here is one huge picture of just SOME of the many cool posts from our portrait:


I love social media and I think that it is a great way that people can stay connected and be able to interact at a very fast pace, but I still do wish that things would be more personable in today’s world. After having to post all these pictures in one day, it made me more aware of how weird it is how we are literally telling the world where we are, who we are with, and at what time, but yet when we do this it is taking time away from us actually being in the presence of the things we love.

There are positives to all of this too though! It is a great way to learn about people and figure out common interests! I found out that mostly everybody just posts things that they enjoy, whether it be music, animals, food, friends, family, or clothes! And there is nothing wrong with sharing what you like with others because you may meet plenty of others who are just like you! (:

Week 3-Artist- Francesca Woodman

Francesca is an artist that has a lot of talent. She creates so much emotion in her art, that she can easily make the observer feel the emotions that she is portraying, which I think is incredible. She also has a unique way of making her art impacting and putting herself out there naked, but not in a bad sense. Her naked body is not too much and is definitely not the thing that you focus on when looking at her art. For me, she does such a good job with showing certain feelings, that this is all that you can focus on. images

This picture stood out at lot to me and is a good example of her portraying her emotions. To me, it seems as if Francesca feels trapped in her life and wants to escape, but can’t. I think that this feeling is something that all of us can relate to, which is another reason why her work is great. I also like this picture because it has an eerie feeling to it, one of loneliness, stress and anxiety. The fact that all these feelings coming up into one photograph is remarkable work.

I also find it really cool how other artist such branch off of her work and remix it. The wax girl hanging in the doorway as almost an exact replica of Francesca’s photograph. This reminds of the art talk video for class and how the buildings from that time are remade in our society today. I think a lot of art is remade over time and that it is cool how everyone can kind of put their own spin on it.

Week 2- Artist- Ana Mendieta

I am really glad I learned about this artist this week! Ana is someone who is very daring and also challenged many of the roles that women were supposed to take part in during that time period. I learned that she was an artist during the women’s movement and also that she used her body in most of her art. I think that she was extremely confident and that is what makes her art stand out the most.


This picture is a perfect example of how she challenged women’s expected roles. Another example that I thought was interesting was her peeing in a man’s urinal standing up. She seems like she would basically do anything she could that was out of the ordinary and that made an impact. If you ask me, I would have to say that her art did exactly that.

Ana’s art has a “wow” factor that many artists don’t have. I think that this is why her art is so popular. Many people wouldn’t dare to do the art that Ana does, let alone use their own body in it. I think that she is so confident and an inspiration to be bold and that it is okay to be different and daring. Not only is her art bold, but it also has a sense of belonging. She meshes her body to blending into the earth and nature. I think that although most of Ana’s work is bold and out there, she also has a very spiritual side to her. Overall, I think Ana is a great artist and has a bold side and also a very calm and spiritual side.

Week 2-Activity- Plaster Casting

When I first stared our plaster casting activity, I thought that it was going to be really difficult because I barley even knew what plaster was. I also thought that I was going to mess it up so I was nervous about it from the very beginning. I was wrong though, it wasn’t hard, it was actually really fun. It was a really nice day today and it was relaxing to be out at the beach and trying something new. I am not a very artistic person, so this was a little out of my element.

The hardest part for me was probably taking my hand out of the sand without messing up the mold my hand made. I actually think that I may have messed this part up a little bit because my final mold definitely did not look like a hand, it looked more like a fist if anything. I was also nervous when I was digging it up because I didn’t know if it was completely dry yet.

Here are some of the pictures from the activity (:


Overall, I thought this was a really fun activity and I’m excited for the activities in the future! This help me get out of my comfort zone a little bit and explore the world of art. I think that now after trying this project, I will be more open minded in trying new things and finding ways to create my own art, even if it doesn’t exactly turn out how it should!