Week 2-Activity- Plaster Casting

When I first stared our plaster casting activity, I thought that it was going to be really difficult because I barley even knew what plaster was. I also thought that I was going to mess it up so I was nervous about it from the very beginning. I was wrong though, it wasn’t hard, it was actually really fun. It was a really nice day today and it was relaxing to be out at the beach and trying something new. I am not a very artistic person, so this was a little out of my element.

The hardest part for me was probably taking my hand out of the sand without messing up the mold my hand made. I actually think that I may have messed this part up a little bit because my final mold definitely did not look like a hand, it looked more like a fist if anything. I was also nervous when I was digging it up because I didn’t know if it was completely dry yet.

Here are some of the pictures from the activity (:


Overall, I thought this was a really fun activity and I’m excited for the activities in the future! This help me get out of my comfort zone a little bit and explore the world of art. I think that now after trying this project, I will be more open minded in trying new things and finding ways to create my own art, even if it doesn’t exactly turn out how it should!


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