Week 2- Artist- Ana Mendieta

I am really glad I learned about this artist this week! Ana is someone who is very daring and also challenged many of the roles that women were supposed to take part in during that time period. I learned that she was an artist during the women’s movement and also that she used her body in most of her art. I think that she was extremely confident and that is what makes her art stand out the most.


This picture is a perfect example of how she challenged women’s expected roles. Another example that I thought was interesting was her peeing in a man’s urinal standing up. She seems like she would basically do anything she could that was out of the ordinary and that made an impact. If you ask me, I would have to say that her art did exactly that.

Ana’s art has a “wow” factor that many artists don’t have. I think that this is why her art is so popular. Many people wouldn’t dare to do the art that Ana does, let alone use their own body in it. I think that she is so confident and an inspiration to be bold and that it is okay to be different and daring. Not only is her art bold, but it also has a sense of belonging. She meshes her body to blending into the earth and nature. I think that although most of Ana’s work is bold and out there, she also has a very spiritual side to her. Overall, I think Ana is a great artist and has a bold side and also a very calm and spiritual side.


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