Week 3-Artist- Francesca Woodman

Francesca is an artist that has a lot of talent. She creates so much emotion in her art, that she can easily make the observer feel the emotions that she is portraying, which I think is incredible. She also has a unique way of making her art impacting and putting herself out there naked, but not in a bad sense. Her naked body is not too much and is definitely not the thing that you focus on when looking at her art. For me, she does such a good job with showing certain feelings, that this is all that you can focus on. images

This picture stood out at lot to me and is a good example of her portraying her emotions. To me, it seems as if Francesca feels trapped in her life and wants to escape, but can’t. I think that this feeling is something that all of us can relate to, which is another reason why her work is great. I also like this picture because it has an eerie feeling to it, one of loneliness, stress and anxiety. The fact that all these feelings coming up into one photograph is remarkable work.

I also find it really cool how other artist such branch off of her work and remix it. The wax girl hanging in the doorway as almost an exact replica of Francesca’s photograph. This reminds of the art talk video for class and how the buildings from that time are remade in our society today. I think a lot of art is remade over time and that it is cool how everyone can kind of put their own spin on it.


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