Week 3- Activity- Social Photography

This week’s activity was really interesting to me! Mostly because it opened my eyes to how similar everyone really is, even if they’ve never met. I think it is really amusing how people use social media in the same ways and how they post similar things. For example, a lot of the pictures I saw people posting on our “class portrait” were of family, our favorite animals, and of course, our food. It’s crazy to think of how many people post pictures of food on social media, myself included. I just wonder what makes us post things such as the food we are eating or what we are doing at that exact second and where. Here is one huge picture of just SOME of the many cool posts from our portrait:


I love social media and I think that it is a great way that people can stay connected and be able to interact at a very fast pace, but I still do wish that things would be more personable in today’s world. After having to post all these pictures in one day, it made me more aware of how weird it is how we are literally telling the world where we are, who we are with, and at what time, but yet when we do this it is taking time away from us actually being in the presence of the things we love.

There are positives to all of this too though! It is a great way to learn about people and figure out common interests! I found out that mostly everybody just posts things that they enjoy, whether it be music, animals, food, friends, family, or clothes! And there is nothing wrong with sharing what you like with others because you may meet plenty of others who are just like you! (:


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