Week 4- Artist- Joseph Cornell


After doing an image search of Joseph Cornell, I found this picture to be the most interesting. My favorite thing about Cornell’s art is that he can say so much with just putting things into a box. He has true talent with say so much without using words. I think in this picture he is saying many things. First, there is a suitcase, a clock, and also hands in handcuffs. To me, this is saying that he is feeling trapped, and wants to leave, but he can’t because he is stuck.

I think a lot of people can relate to the feeling of being stuck in life and wanting to escape. Second, I really like the right side of this box. I think a lot of the time people say “here is the key to my heart,” but in this case, the key is over his eye. This is really intriguing to me because I think he is trying to make a statement with this. I think by placing the key over the eye, he is in a sense saying that he wants to us to unlock what he has seen, and what he has been through, and they we might understand him.

Overall, I think Joseph Cornell was a great artist and he cared a lot about telling a story in each and every box he made. I also think it is a bummer how when he was making these boxes, he allowed others to interact and touch the items and move them around, but now they are locked up in museums. I think that art should be used in the way the artist intended and I think Cornell would much rather have wanted his art to be shared and interacted with rather than put in a museum. Cornell is a great artist all together and I’m really glad I had a chance to research his art!


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