Week 4- Activity- Game Design

This activity was definitely a struggle for me! Using SketchUp wasn’t very easy, but I tried my best. I wish I was more advanced with using this application, but overall I think my chair could have looked worse! The most challenging part for me when designing my chair, was trying to make the backrest. I could not make this thing even or 3D until I had been working on it for about an hour. After figuring out how to do this, the rest wasn’t too bad!IMG_5469IMG_5470

Here are two pictures of my 3D chair! As you can see, it’s far from perfect, but playing around with SketchUp was still really fun. When I did an image search of chairs, the one that I wanted to make my chair look like was nothing like the one I actually made. The one I wanted was a chair in the shape of a high heel shoe and it was really cute! I wish I had the talent to make a chair like that, but once I got onto SketchUp, I knew that this high heel chair would be way too hard for me, so I decided to make a simpler chair.

Overall, I think it’s best for me to stick with majoring in psychology instead of design! It was a really fun activity and I’m glad I tried it, but I think that maybe designing things isn’t really my thing. Maybe if I had the materials in front of me and it was more hands-on I would’ve done a better job because this computer application was really challenging! All in all, although my chair wasn’t perfect I still got to chance to try something new and outside my comfort zone!


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