Week 5- Activity- Painting

The activity of the week was very fun this week! Although it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to stay between the lines of my sketched out bubble letters, I had a great time doing it! Some challenges for me while I was spraying painting my name were that it was really hard to stay between the lines that I drew and that the spray paint was a bit messy! Some of the highlights of this activity were that I got to try something new, I got to make some mistakes so that I know better next time, and I also I had fun doing it.

So, here is this paper with just the sketch of my name that I wrote in pencil. I thought this was fun and I thought that I would easily be able to spray paint my name and outline it exactly the way it looks in pencil….IMG_5490

…but I was completely wrong! I wish I was that talented, but it was really hard to stay in-between the lines! I felt like I was in kindergarten all over again. So, this is my final project, which isn’t the best but at least I tried!


As you can see, I am not the best artist, but I had fun and tried something new. Next time I am going to try to use a smaller spray painting can and I think that could help out a lot. But I would definitely use the same colors and maybe add in some black next time too. Overall, this was a fun experience for me and I would definitely try it again so I can get better!


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