Week 6- Activity- Architecture and Urban Planning

I had a lot of fun doing this weeks activity! I was definitely more familiar with sketch up, so that helped me out a lot. I also found out how fun it is to design things exactly how you like them! Obviously since we picked a place that we already enjoyed, there wasn’t much to change, but it had some minor adjustments to make.I picked my apartment as one of my favorite place! I really found designing an apartment to be really fun. Although I only changed the outside, I think the way I changed it would be really cool if the apartment was really like this!


This is how the apartment originally looks. It has one driveway for both apartments to share, even though there are four of us living here altogether. It has a metal fence around the front. The metal fence was difficult for me to make because I wasn’t really sure what tool to use for it in sketch up. The apartments are two stories with two very small windows in each of the upstairs bedrooms. The windows are also super thin so it gets really noisy and hard to sleep sometimes.


This is my updated version of the apartment! I put two really big windows upstairs instead of just the small ones, and I also added a window downstairs in the living room. As you can tell, I really like big windows. I also added a chimney to each apartment. I added a balcony to my apartment on the left. Lastly, I changed the original one driveway parking space to three parking spaces on the side, which I now realize I should have put four altogether. Overall this activity was fun and gave me the chance to try changing something that I already like into something that I would love to have. I really enjoyed this project and I think designing things is super fun.


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