Week 6- Artist- Nikki S. Lee

This weeks artist Nikki S. Lee is definitely one of my favorites so far. She has the ability to transform herself into so many different characters, and actually pulls each and every one of them off. She really gets into character and has passion in showing a sense of belonging. I think that Nikki’s ability to show that basically anyone can fit in anywhere is truly remarkable.


Nikki S. Lee; Yuppie Project

Nikki S. Lee; Yuppie Project

These two pictures stood out most to me because it shows perfectly how Nikki can pull off multiple characters. She transforms herself in these two pictures from a punk rock girl that seems easy going, to an office professional. She not only has the look, makeup, and dress for the part, but her attitude shines through in both as well. What I admire about Nikki the most is that she doesn’t just dress up, she plays the role of whatever person she is trying to be.

Overall, I think that Nikki’s art says a lot. She isn’t’t just showing the differences that different subcultures have, she is showing how much we are alike too. I think that it takes a lot of talent to pull off showing people that no matter who you are, whether it be different races, ethnicities, or religions, that we all are more similar than we think.


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