Week 7- Artist- Janet Cardiff

This week’s artist was mind blowing! Janet Cardiff does something that I never would have thought of as art. She records an audio of what she sees in a certain place and time and walks you through what she sees. I think this is incredibly amazing because she gives you a chance to stop and look at all of the things surrounding you that you may not pay attention to because you are caught up in your own busy life.


This is an example of one of her artworks. Although my favorite is the Alter Bahnhof walk, this picture give you an idea of her type of work. Her first piece was created when she was asked to make a site-specific piece for the museum grounds at Louisiana Museum in Denmark. It’s amazing to me how out of all forms of art she could have done, such as a painting or sculpture, that she chose to do an audio.

Overall, I find Janet’s work extremely amusing and I would love to go through one of her walks. I am also really glad that I learned about audio walks because I have previously never heard of them. These walks seem very peaceful and seem as if she would make you step back and look at the little things in life instead of paying attention to all of the chaos in our lives. Janet’s work is very inspirational and she has a lot of talent.


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