Week 8- Activity- Museum Visit

The museum that I had the chance of going to this week was the Long Beach Museum of Art. This was my first time ever visiting an art museum, so I had a really fun experience because it was something new to me. At first, right when I walked in I already knew I was going to have a good time because they had all these colorful strings hanging from the ceiling that brought nothing but good vibes.IMG_5591

Here are also some pictures of me in front of some art pieces that I found interesting.



The two pictures that caught my eye the most were:



The Mickey Mouse painting caught my eye because it reminded me of Eva and Franco, our artists of the week. It reminds me of them because it gives a more dark/ trippy side to the standard Mickey Mouse. There is a lot of detail in that painting. The colors and lines can kind of make you dizzy if you stare at it long enough. I think this painting evokes magical yet a little bit creepy emotions. It is not your standard happy Mickey Mouse in red and black. It is just black and white with blurry lines.

The second painting of the butterfly was my favorite. I like how it seems as if it is melting off of the tree. There are no straight perfected lines, yet it seems so delicate. The melting look was my favorite because most art I have seen is very particular and perfect. I liked this because it seems natural and droopy. When I saw this it reminded me of nature in its natural form and also peacefulness.


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