Week 8- Artist- Eva and Franco Mattes

This weeks artists of the week are quite different from previous artists. They seem to have a dark sense of humor and most people seem upset with their art. One interesting thing that I did find while doing some research was that they manipulated video games for one of their art pieces. When doing this, the artists brought up some truths concealed by contemporary society. Supposedly what they were saying got the attention of government and the public because it was the truth. nofun

This picture stood out the most to me out of all of their dark artwork. This pieces is on chat roulette and is people’s reactions when they see a man that had just hung himself. I personally would not find this funny at all if this prank was being pulled on me. First, someone committing suicide isn’t something to laugh about. Second, I don’t know why they would think that this would be funny, let alone a piece of art.

I think overall that these artists are more famous for their dark humor that their actual art. I think they go overboard and taker things to the extreme so that could be why they are popular. I personally am not a big fan of their artwork and I find it kind of offensive. I do however think that they do have a lot of courage to go out and do such extreme things.


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