Week 10- Artist- Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock is definitely a different kind of artist. Before this class, I had no idea there was such thing as an avatar artist. She gives people the chance to be whatever identity they choose in a virtual world. I’m not really into this type of art, but I really do see the benefit and impact it could have on people. I think everyone should be able to be whoever they want, and this definitely gives them the chance to do so.


When doing a google image search on Vanessa, I found that a lot of the avatars she has made are strong masculine women. There is nothing wrong with this at all, I think that maybe this is her style or who she would like to seem. I find it intriguing how this gives people the opportunity to really be themselves or who they have always wanted to me. I know a lot of things can hold us back from being our true selves, so that’s why I think Vanessa’s art is so powerful to so many people.

Lastly, what I really find interesting about Vanessa’s work, is that it gives people a chance to connect with each other on a different level. Since it is a virtual world, you are able to meet so many more people than you would be in real life. So, if you are reflecting your true identity in the virtual world, you will get a chance to meet others that share the same views and interests as you. I think what is most inspiring about Vanessa’s work is the sense of community and belongingness that it has.


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