Week 11-Activity-Landscapes With a Corpse

This activity really caught me by surprise! I really had to think about planning my death because obviously that’s not something everyone just does. I thought really long and hard about the way I would want to go and it was actually really challenging. I had so many ideas of me passing away doing something that I loved, but then I started to think more simple and not make it something extravegant because in reality I’m a really simple person.

After thinking of ideas for a couple days, it finally came to me that the way I would like to pass away would be in my sleep. It seemed peaceful, simple, and not over the top. I feel like passing away in my sleep has always been they way that I’ve thought about myself going. So, here are the two pictures that I had my friend take from different angels:



Although the first one is a little blurry, I chose to post it because I thought that effect actually made it more intriguing. I also used a filter that made my skin tone look a little more pale as well to pull off more of a deathly look. I also chose to wear the t shirt of one of my favorite bands, The Rolling Stones, and used my cheetah pillow because I absolutely love cheetah print everything. Overall, this activity really made me look at life in a really different way, I mean it’s not every day that you get to plan your own death. It also made me realize how simple I really am. I really hope that this is the way I would pass away instead of being sick or something. I really enjoyed doing this project and I’m really glad I got to participate in it because it truly opened my eyes to how short life really could be.


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