Week 11- Artist- Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz is definitely not someone you would at first glance see as an artist. However, he actual does a lot of great work as a hacker. Aaron gives more people the ability to access more information. He takes great pride in all of his work, which lead to his unfortunate death. Aaron had to face 35 years in prison AND had a one million dollar fine. This really got to me because he didn’t do anything illegal at all, he was just taking a stand for something he believed in.

I think the main reason Aaron had so many people going against what he was doing was because they were afraid of what he would do next. He was a very smart man and thought outside the box, which can be very intimidating to people. I think that people were threatened by him, especially when he was in court and didn’t take the easy way out that they gave him. He had the option of pleading guilty on a few charges and in return he would, instead of getting the 35 years and one million dollar fine, get a shorter jail time. Aaron denied the short jail time and didn’t plead guilty, instead he said that he wanted a trail where the prosecutors would have to justify their pursuit.


This quote really inspired me when I read it. I honestly never really question things in life, I just go with the flow, but this really stood out to me. Imagine if all the people in the world started questioning authority? I know a lot of people do so already, but what if they took it to the extreme and didn’t obey what they didn’t believe to be right? It really blows my mind to think that Aaron took such a big stand for what he believed in and it is horrible that he had to lose his life over it. Overall, I think Aaron is an amazing artist who really is a true inspiration.


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