Week 12- Artist- Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is definitely someone who is passionate about their artwork, although some people beg to differ. Warhol has created more pieces of art than any other artist, which is why people think that his work is lazy and that he doesn’t put much effort into it. I however, think that Warhol’s art is very inspiring. He takes his artwork to a whole new level and uses a lot of bright pastel colors. He also takes some already made artwork, and puts his own spin on it.


This is an example of Warhol putting his own spin on a symbol already made. The Rolling Stones usually use the colors red, white, and black. Warhol changed it by added more intriguing colors, but kept the overall symbol the same. He had a lot of fascination with the Hollywood scene, which is why a lot of his art is of celebrities such as Marylin Monroe.

One thing that stuck out to me about Warhol is that his art came in many forms. He used a lot of media such as hand drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, silk screening, sculptures, film and music. This is a lot of work to incorporate these things in your art, and on top of that he produced his work very quickly. Overall, I think Warhol’s work is flashy and easy on the eye. I feel like a lot of people are drawn to his art and have seen it around a lot.


Week 11-Activity-Landscapes With a Corpse

This activity really caught me by surprise! I really had to think about planning my death because obviously that’s not something everyone just does. I thought really long and hard about the way I would want to go and it was actually really challenging. I had so many ideas of me passing away doing something that I loved, but then I started to think more simple and not make it something extravegant because in reality I’m a really simple person.

After thinking of ideas for a couple days, it finally came to me that the way I would like to pass away would be in my sleep. It seemed peaceful, simple, and not over the top. I feel like passing away in my sleep has always been they way that I’ve thought about myself going. So, here are the two pictures that I had my friend take from different angels:



Although the first one is a little blurry, I chose to post it because I thought that effect actually made it more intriguing. I also used a filter that made my skin tone look a little more pale as well to pull off more of a deathly look. I also chose to wear the t shirt of one of my favorite bands, The Rolling Stones, and used my cheetah pillow because I absolutely love cheetah print everything. Overall, this activity really made me look at life in a really different way, I mean it’s not every day that you get to plan your own death. It also made me realize how simple I really am. I really hope that this is the way I would pass away instead of being sick or something. I really enjoyed doing this project and I’m really glad I got to participate in it because it truly opened my eyes to how short life really could be.

Week 11- Artist- Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz is definitely not someone you would at first glance see as an artist. However, he actual does a lot of great work as a hacker. Aaron gives more people the ability to access more information. He takes great pride in all of his work, which lead to his unfortunate death. Aaron had to face 35 years in prison AND had a one million dollar fine. This really got to me because he didn’t do anything illegal at all, he was just taking a stand for something he believed in.

I think the main reason Aaron had so many people going against what he was doing was because they were afraid of what he would do next. He was a very smart man and thought outside the box, which can be very intimidating to people. I think that people were threatened by him, especially when he was in court and didn’t take the easy way out that they gave him. He had the option of pleading guilty on a few charges and in return he would, instead of getting the 35 years and one million dollar fine, get a shorter jail time. Aaron denied the short jail time and didn’t plead guilty, instead he said that he wanted a trail where the prosecutors would have to justify their pursuit.


This quote really inspired me when I read it. I honestly never really question things in life, I just go with the flow, but this really stood out to me. Imagine if all the people in the world started questioning authority? I know a lot of people do so already, but what if they took it to the extreme and didn’t obey what they didn’t believe to be right? It really blows my mind to think that Aaron took such a big stand for what he believed in and it is horrible that he had to lose his life over it. Overall, I think Aaron is an amazing artist who really is a true inspiration.

Week 10- Artist- Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock is definitely a different kind of artist. Before this class, I had no idea there was such thing as an avatar artist. She gives people the chance to be whatever identity they choose in a virtual world. I’m not really into this type of art, but I really do see the benefit and impact it could have on people. I think everyone should be able to be whoever they want, and this definitely gives them the chance to do so.


When doing a google image search on Vanessa, I found that a lot of the avatars she has made are strong masculine women. There is nothing wrong with this at all, I think that maybe this is her style or who she would like to seem. I find it intriguing how this gives people the opportunity to really be themselves or who they have always wanted to me. I know a lot of things can hold us back from being our true selves, so that’s why I think Vanessa’s art is so powerful to so many people.

Lastly, what I really find interesting about Vanessa’s work, is that it gives people a chance to connect with each other on a different level. Since it is a virtual world, you are able to meet so many more people than you would be in real life. So, if you are reflecting your true identity in the virtual world, you will get a chance to meet others that share the same views and interests as you. I think what is most inspiring about Vanessa’s work is the sense of community and belongingness that it has.

Week 9- Activity- Drawing

This weeks activity was really fun and kind of random! I was a little bit nervous about doing the drawing because I had no idea how it was going to turn out because it was two people just relaxing letting the pencil do its thing. I had a lot of fun doing this project though! It was interesting to see how this could be considered art even as simple as it was.


This is a picture of me and my friend right before we started the drawing! Not going to lie, it was a little bit awkward, but it was also relaxing. I never thought of drawing as a outlet to get my mind off of things, but after doing this activity, I think I might start! It honestly was like meditating and soothing.


Although it is far from art, I think it is funny to look at the end result. When you are relaxing just sitting there letting the pencil flow, you don’t really think about what you are doing. I like this because I was trying to focus and make something perfect. I was just letting the pencil do its thing, which was really fun! I think this picture honestly looks like a two year old drew it, but the overall experience of this project was great!

Week 9- Artist- Joseph DeLappe

Joseph DeLappe is a very intriguing artist. His artwork began in 1993 and revolves mostly around technology, although he does do a lot of cardboard artwork as well. What stood out most to me about his work is that he brings out a lot of the truth in things. For example, he did an artwork that was just like a video game of war but he brought out the standard demographic of a white young male. I think that DeLappe does a good job at bringing out the things that most of us know about but are so normal now that they don’t stand out to us as much.


This work by DeLappe was really interesting to me. I didn’t know about this project until one of our classmates brought it up in discussion. In this project, he asked volunteers to stamp their bills with a tiny MQ1 Predator Drone. The irony in this picture is that the drone is over our the White House.

Overall, I think Joseph DeLappe’s work is really cool and different because of his irony. I love that in art so I think that is why I find his art so amusing. I like how he also brings up a lot of our problems in the world and has a smart, witty way of doing so. DeLappe is truly an amazing artist and I think that he is known for his keen sense of humor.

Week 8- Activity- Museum Visit

The museum that I had the chance of going to this week was the Long Beach Museum of Art. This was my first time ever visiting an art museum, so I had a really fun experience because it was something new to me. At first, right when I walked in I already knew I was going to have a good time because they had all these colorful strings hanging from the ceiling that brought nothing but good vibes.IMG_5591

Here are also some pictures of me in front of some art pieces that I found interesting.



The two pictures that caught my eye the most were:



The Mickey Mouse painting caught my eye because it reminded me of Eva and Franco, our artists of the week. It reminds me of them because it gives a more dark/ trippy side to the standard Mickey Mouse. There is a lot of detail in that painting. The colors and lines can kind of make you dizzy if you stare at it long enough. I think this painting evokes magical yet a little bit creepy emotions. It is not your standard happy Mickey Mouse in red and black. It is just black and white with blurry lines.

The second painting of the butterfly was my favorite. I like how it seems as if it is melting off of the tree. There are no straight perfected lines, yet it seems so delicate. The melting look was my favorite because most art I have seen is very particular and perfect. I liked this because it seems natural and droopy. When I saw this it reminded me of nature in its natural form and also peacefulness.

Week 8- Artist- Eva and Franco Mattes

This weeks artists of the week are quite different from previous artists. They seem to have a dark sense of humor and most people seem upset with their art. One interesting thing that I did find while doing some research was that they manipulated video games for one of their art pieces. When doing this, the artists brought up some truths concealed by contemporary society. Supposedly what they were saying got the attention of government and the public because it was the truth. nofun

This picture stood out the most to me out of all of their dark artwork. This pieces is on chat roulette and is people’s reactions when they see a man that had just hung himself. I personally would not find this funny at all if this prank was being pulled on me. First, someone committing suicide isn’t something to laugh about. Second, I don’t know why they would think that this would be funny, let alone a piece of art.

I think overall that these artists are more famous for their dark humor that their actual art. I think they go overboard and taker things to the extreme so that could be why they are popular. I personally am not a big fan of their artwork and I find it kind of offensive. I do however think that they do have a lot of courage to go out and do such extreme things.

Week 7- Activity- Snapchat

This week’s activity is a little bit difficult for me because I am not familiar with snapchat at all. Thinking of an activity the class could use was hard too because snapchat isn’t a picture or video that lasts forever, it is gone in a matter of seconds. I only had one idea for the activity, but it is more like an idea for a fun game.

The game I was thinking of could be sort of a form of story telling, one person could start with one word and everyone else could add to it by saying a word after. In a matter of seconds it could be one big funny sentence/ video. This could go to show that no matter who you are or where you are, you are all connected by a form of social media.

Not only would this game be funny, but it would create a sense of belonging and community over something as simple as an iPhone app. I think that snapchat is a bit difficult to understand at first, so I think this activity should definitely be 2 weeks instead of one so that everyone could get the hang of it. I also think that the order of who says the next word shouldn’t matter because people could just jump in and say something funny or random at any moment. Lastly, the word you say should be posted on your snapchat story instead of just to one person. This would allow for everyone to see and jump in on it at any time.

Week 7- Artist- Janet Cardiff

This week’s artist was mind blowing! Janet Cardiff does something that I never would have thought of as art. She records an audio of what she sees in a certain place and time and walks you through what she sees. I think this is incredibly amazing because she gives you a chance to stop and look at all of the things surrounding you that you may not pay attention to because you are caught up in your own busy life.


This is an example of one of her artworks. Although my favorite is the Alter Bahnhof walk, this picture give you an idea of her type of work. Her first piece was created when she was asked to make a site-specific piece for the museum grounds at Louisiana Museum in Denmark. It’s amazing to me how out of all forms of art she could have done, such as a painting or sculpture, that she chose to do an audio.

Overall, I find Janet’s work extremely amusing and I would love to go through one of her walks. I am also really glad that I learned about audio walks because I have previously never heard of them. These walks seem very peaceful and seem as if she would make you step back and look at the little things in life instead of paying attention to all of the chaos in our lives. Janet’s work is very inspirational and she has a lot of talent.