Why Psychology?

Psychology caught my interest my junior year of high school. I took this class just to get my academic requirements done. Little did I know that this would be something I would want to do for the rest of my life. I fell in love with this subject on the first day of class. My teacher gave us a list of fun facts, similar to the blog I posted earlier, which caught my interest. I kept thinking about how much research had to have went behind these little fun facts. I wanted to be someone that would be able to research any topic I wanted and be able to have proof of why certain things happen certain ways. I find it really intriguing how our brain works and that there are reason for why we act certain ways or prefer certain things.


FuN fAcTs!

  1. If you announce your goals to others, you are less likely to make them happen because you lose motivation.
  2. Your favorite song is probably your favorite because you associate it with an emotional event in your life.
  3. Spending money on others yields more happiness than spending money on yourself.
  4. 68% of people suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome, the feeling one’s phone is vibrating when it’s not.
  5. The average High School student today has the same amount of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950’s.
  6. Research conducted on comedians and funny people showed they are actually more depressed than the average.